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Street Food District was established in 2014 and since that it has grown a lot and became a nationwide brand and the biggest street food organisation in Scandinavia. The venues – such as Reffen or Broen Gadekøkken in Copenhagen, Storms Pakhus in Odense and they soon opening one in Aarhus – have their dedicated domains like the main brand. However this main website is out-dated in few aspects, therefore I decided to work with this one and re-design the content. 


Street Food District 


User experience research  / User interface design


Design Thinking  / Researching / Sketching / Miro board / Figma


Hereby you can find research materials and outcomes. I conducted several methods in order to get “all covered” results. 

Target group

customer journey map


Persona #1

Persona #2

Once I did my research and moodboard for the project, I could move on to start creating the actual design assets. First I did the sketches to interpret my vision. They were great base for the work later, when I did the UI design. After the sketches I made done the design system which determines the design work. I have made a new feature for the website, called “The Blender”: Here the users are able to pick their interests, such as food regions, allergens or location which lead them to filtered result list of the recommended venues.

📎📝 sketches

🚦 Design system

📱/ 🖥 UI